Xi Jinping Rocked Davos; China is a Buttress of Globalization


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- The boot is on the other foot  in Davos.  Chinese President Xi Jinping, the first Chinese leader that officially attended to the World Economic Forum, shocked everyone by supporting environmentalist policies and Globalization. Jinping said what everyone wanted to hear under common anxiety about Trump’s era, even without his personal participation.

In his speech to the World Economic Forum, Chinese president defended globalization and called people to share its benefits. He warned against greater protectionism in Europe and the US. He said "Migrant crisis is caused by war, conflict and regional turbulence, not globalization’’. He added ‘’similarly, the 2008 financial crisis is caused by the excessive pursuit of profits and a lack of economic regulations".  He asserted that no one would be emerged as a trade war winner. Also he urged that each state must stick on the Paris climate deal,signed in November 2015. 

Also, he tacitly pointed President-elect Donald Trump as he said "We must say no to protectionism because if we lock oneself in a dark room to protect him from danger, we also deprive the room of light and air’’.

On the other hand, Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump's delegate in Davos, said the global tradehas not been fair to American workers. He said "It has hollowed out American manufacturing, it has hurt the American middle class, and it has crippled the American working class’’. He added “The new administration does not want a trade war. We would like to have a process of free and fair trade".  Scaramucci argued that rising wages means more purchasing power, a virtuous circle of consumption and itwould lead to more global trade, prosperity and peace. He concluded his speech as “At the end of the day, President Trump could be one of the last great hopes for globalism." Additionally, he claimed that the new administration desire to have a phenomenal relationship with the China.

President Elect Donald Trump will take the office in this Friday. Trump, a billionaire businessman and entrepreneur, in contrast to stereotypes, is strongly against open borders, free trade, lower tariffs which are supposed to be encouraged in the Forum. During his presidential campaign he criticized North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Besides, he said he does not believe in Global Warming, claiming  it was created by some Chinese officials and offered to U.S.withdraw from the Paris pact.

What happened in Davos proved the statement as; all theories are conducted for someone with some reasons.  We are all witnessed a Communist leader fostered the most developed form of economic Liberalism and implementation of protectionist policies by the big brother of the market economy. Each ideology is a route to achieve development and gain power.  According to structural realism dominated by the ideas of Wallerstein; economy is also important to guarantee the state survival and as he claims imitating successful states is necessary to do this. If we look at the Chinese example; itwas able to protect its economy from negative effects of open market economyat the peak of crisis, developed local industries and imposed necessary policies to open to World on time. China became the second largest economy thanks to exports and increased its influence over the World. It is also significant to remind that most of the developed states were protectionist in the past. European economy in 17th - 18th -19th century and the first decades of American economy are good examples.

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