Selin ATAY-TDO-China’s President Xi Jinping dialed his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump to discuss the fatal coronavirus outbreak, according to Chinese media.

“The two countries are in close communication on the outbreak” Xi said, adding that the measures taken in the fight against the outbreak are beginning to yield results step by step and also they have full faith and ability to defeat it.

Xi told his U.S. counterpart that China's prevention and control efforts “are gradually yielding positive results”.

“China hopes that the U.S. will assess the epidemic in a calm manner, and adopt and adjust its response measures in a reasonable way,” Xi said urging communication and coordination between the two countries to “contain the epidemic”.

Expressing expectations for the two countries to improve their relations on the right track in the new year. “China and the United States will meet midway on the terms of the trade agreement” Xi said.

President Trump also said the United States supports China's fight against the epidemic with all its might, saying they are ready to help this country by any means, including sending experts.

"I believe that under Xi Jinping’s leadership, the Chinese people will undoubtedly triumph in the fight against the epidemic." Trump said.  Also, Trump stressed that they believe the Chinese economy will improve and that they will act in cold blood in the fight against the epidemic.

The phone call between two leaders of world’s top economies came after Chinese Foreign Ministry recently criticized Washington for “spreading panic and fear about the outbreak of the new disease”.

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