Serhat TUNAR -TDO-The football team players from Wuhan city, where coronavirus first appeared in China, have returned to their country from Spain, where they have been stranded for about 2 months after the outbreak began to spread rapidly in Europe.

The players of the team named Wuhan Zall went to this country 2 months ago to spend their pre-season preparation camp in Spain. Unable to return to their country due to the travel restrictions imposed by China after starting the preparatory camp, the team accelerated its exit from the country due to the spread of the virus in Spain.

The February March football team, which had previously planned to leave Spain in mid-February, postponed its exit to the end of March. However, the implementation of a state of emergency in Spain due to the outbreak has worried Wuhan Zall football team players.

The team's coach, Jose Gonzalez, said in a statement on the AP news agency that conditions in China are good now. Gonzalez said the football season in China was due to start in early May and reminded him that they would be quarantined once they entered China. The Chinese first Football League was scheduled to start on February 22, but was postponed due to the outbreak.

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