İrem GÖL -TDO- At midnight on Wednesday, authorities allowed residents to leave the city for the first time since 23 January when 11 million people were put under lockdown to contain the quickly spreading virus. City officials have been worked to make an event of the city’s reopening, with a light show, social media campaigns led by state media, and special events to mark the reopening of the airports, stations and factories. Train and bus terminals were decorated with lights. Skyscrapers in the city centre were lit up with the words: “Hello Wuhan.”

China Eastern said it was operating 30 flights from Wuhan to other cities in China like Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, with more than 1,600 trips booked. More than 55,000 passengers have booked tickets to leave the city according to the railway operator. Long-distance buses have also resumes service.

Over the few last weeks, the city has been gradually easing the lockdown by allowing some residents to leave their residential compounds on a limited basis. On Wednesday, more businesses are to reopen and all residents with green “health codes” and documents from their employers should be able to return to work. Colleges, primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and nursery schools are still closed. Authorities are still asking residents to limit outgoings and not to attend large gatherings.

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