Christian writer Nahed Hattar accused of insulting Islam in Jordan and pointed as a target by Prime Minister of Jordan Hani Al-Mulki and strands of Islam has been killed in the capital, Amman.Hattar was hit by the bullets outside the court where he was standing trial. Immediately after the incident the attacker was arrested by the police and put in prison.
After sharing a satirical cartoon on a social networking site, Hattar charged with with offending Islam and was taken into custody for "racist and sectarian provocation".
The Christian writer removed the cartoon he shared on the social networking site in response to reactions against the cartoon. He even apologized by stating that his purpose was to send a message to radical organizations.
According to a written statement from the Police Department, Hattar was hit by three bullets by the attacker when he brought to the courthouse for standing his trial in the morning. While Hattar lost his life in the hospital, the attacker has been arrested in the scene of accident.
Mete Ersöz

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