News Center -TDO-Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Ishankuli Amanliyev hosted a wreath-laying ceremony in consequence of the celebration of the poem feast of Mahtumkulu Firakı which is celebrated every year on 27th of June in Turkmenistan.

Ambassador Ishankuli Amanliyev, Chief Advisor to the President Yalçın Topçu, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Serdar Çam and other guests attended to the event.

The program started after the singing of the two national anthems and a wreath was placed to the statue of Mahtumkulu Firakı in Turkmenistan Park.

Ambassador Amanlıyev in his speech here; He stated that great importance was attached to national culture and art in Turkmenistan.

Emphasizing that Turkmenistan has achieved great successes in the economic and spiritual fields in the recent period, Amanliyev said, "In order to promote our national culture, music values ​​and magnificent works of art to the rights of the world, Turkmenistan cultural days have been organized continuously. I would like to present you to do well in Turkey.”

Amanliyev also said that all the works of the Firakı are expressed the people's national feelings in a poetical way, and stated, "His name and poems has gained holiness importance for us.”

Yalçın Topçu also made a speech and said that the great poet was not only the poet of Turkmenistan but of the whole Turkish world and he mentioned the importance of Mahtumkulu Firakı’s works.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Serdar Çam said in his speech that the great poet of Turkmens and the ancestor of the Turkish world, Mahtumkulu Firakı, is a wise person who has shed light on since the 18th century.

Serdar Çam also stated that the cooperation between Turkey and Turkmenistan in Central Asia's Development has been continuing and this cooperation will contribute to the prosperity of the entire Turkish World. He also said, "With the leaderships of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkmenistan President Gurbanguli  Berdimuhamedov we can move much further than our relations today."


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