World Women’s Day


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- There is a famous saying as ‘’ It is always hard to be a woman. You born as someone’s daughter, be another’s wife and become mother of the other’’. You have to cope with tradition, culture, degenerated-so called ‘’morality’’ and ‘’moral’’ norms. Meanwhile you have to be good in housework, do your homework (if you are lucky enough to go to school), try to be ‘’beautiful’’ and ‘’normal’’ in the society but not harm your family’s ‘’honor’’ (Like your moves are the only criteria that define how your family is), work, follow your dreams and be ‘’happy’’.  Actually, girls have to do many things at the same time. Even the biology and anatomy orders you to do so.

However, it is really unfortunate that no-one appreciates and congratulates you.  There are only a few words that honor women such as ‘’ Heaven is under the feet of mother’’, ‘’ Half of the World is consisted of women and the other half is raised by women, respect them’’ while there is several limiting, insulting words and swearwords about women in almost all languages.

Life is not fair- there is no gender equality- OK. We all accept but the real reason of this is people do not see women as just the other genre of human. We are all human and deserved to be treated so.

66% of all products are produced by women but women only can get 10% of wealth and 1% of property holding in the World. There is a very common cruelty in the word as rape which is mainly threatening women and it is easier to face with mobbing if you are a woman.

Women have only one day that we only ‘’celebrate’’ and give them roses but what about the rest of the year? Even this day ‘’gifted’’ to women as hundreds of their co generics paid the price with their lives. In 1908, female workers of a cotton factory in New York, went on strike for equal wages with their male fellows in return for their equal work and demanding better work conditions. Owners of the company locked them in to the factory as they tried to hinder strike to be spread to neighboring factories. In the meantime, a fire outbreaked and 129 strikers died. On 6 December 1977, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared 8 March as ‘’ World Women’s Day’’.

Let’s hope for better but more importantly let’s work further to be more strong for future. Don’t forget, there is no World without women.

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