News Centre – TDO- The photography exhibition A New Beginning, created by the World Health Organisation (WHO) with support from the European Union Regional Trust Fund has opened at the Ankara CerModern Art Gallery.

The opening ceremony was attended by World Health Organisation Turkey Office Representative Dr Pavel Ursu, EU Delegation Branch Director Emma Clua, Deputy General-Director of Public Health Dr Bekir Keskinkılıç, AFAD President Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu, UN Resident Coordinator Irena Vojackova Sollorana and many other guests.

Delivering the opening speech, Dr Pavel Ursu said “Turkey is the country with the highest population of refugees in the world and has been hosting nearly three and a half million Syrian refugees since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.” 

Stating that they were very pleased to offer support to Syrian refugees in Turkey in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Dr Ursu added “The main aim here is to ensure the integration of Syrian healthcare personnel with the healthcare system in Turkey. To overcome their language and cultural problems. We do this in the spirit of universal healthcare coverage.

Dr Ursu thanked those who had made efforts for the exhibition, the Ministry of Health which has given Syrians a chance to continue practicing their profession and other supporters.

FRIT Department Head Emma Clua of the EU Delegation said that the A New Beginning art exhibition, beyond its artistic merit, provided food for thought for human stories.

Stating that these activities allowed refugees to practice their professions once again, Clua added “The power of this exhibition lies in allowing us to find out about the stories of people who have left their countries behind and taken to the road. This exhibition helps us understand what sort of problems Syrians living in Turkey face and what is required to overcome these problems.”

AFAD President Mehmet Güllüoğlu stated that he was attending the exhibition not only as AFAD’s President, but also as a doctor. 

Güllüoğlu said that such projects were very important for Syrian refugees and for doctors and added “We have no certain predictions about the future of Syria. Therefore, such projects have become a necessity for Syrian doctors and other healthcare personnel. These people who have been won over to the healthcare system are also crucial for Syrians with language problems.”  

The A New Beginning photography exhibition, which tells the stories of Syrian healthcare workers and patients with 50 photographs under five categories is open to visitors over the next four days.

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