Ayberk Eryılmaz- TDO- 25. 07.2017- Warner Bros studios has officially declared that a sequel of the Wonder Woman movie which was contentious film will be produced owing to its amazing successful. On this occasion, Wonder Woman fans rejoiced. Warner Bros Pictures and DC Comics pronounced the follow-up, called ‘Wonder Woman II’ at the Comic Con expo in San Diego. Rumor has it that the film’s scenario will be about the Cold War and Soviets. Geoff Johns who is the famous comic book writer and creative director of DC Comics asserted that he and Patty Jenkins who was the director of Wonder Woman movie, created the infrastructure of the film and outline of the scenario. Primary goal in this project is to make a wonderful movie which contains totally new and intriguing ideas. So as to overcome it, they have ravishing opinions in that process. It seems that both Geoff Johns and executives of DC comics were comfortable with the previous movie and they immediately closed to deal with Patty Jenkins to become the director of film sequel.

There is no specific release date for now but the estimated date of the film will be in 2020. Howbeit, Wonder Woman fans have been expecting and waiting for the final decision. The previous film, which came to the theaters approximately in mid May has surpassed 600 million dollars provided it the sixth-highest grossing film of 2017. Besides there were a lot of controversies about the film because the leading lady, Gal Gadot was a Jewish and she was served to Israeli army in Lebanese war 2006. Therefore, some Arabic country including Lebanese, Tunisia and Qatar banned that film. In this case, how countries in Gulf and Middle East where there is a high political tensions, will react to the film?  What the will be next is truly evocating.

In the meantime, Gal Gadot came to Comic-Con known as comic’s expo done annually, happened on Saturday in order to join a panel with her colleagues for the movie of “Justice League” which will hit theaters in November. Hence, Wonder Woman will not live in seclusion for a long time. 

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