There is not long to go until Turkish citizens can take advantage of visa exemptions to travel to EU countries. At least this is what is being said in diplomatic circles. However, there is more to this issue than meets the eye.The “difficult” conditions put before Turkey in negotiations have been fulfilled one by one. There is little to go before all 72 conditions of the agreement are met. Turkey has responded clearly that it will do its part to constant EU threats of “or else”.Turkey’s approach was unexpected for the EU, which has been cornered. It has perceived granting a visa waiver to Turkey as 75 million people suddenly entering the EU and of course it was scared at the prospect. This would have opened the way not just for the educated but also for adventure and job seekers, as well as those dealing in illegal business. This is how the EU has seen the issue of the visa waiver. Statements by France and Britain were intended to take the visa waiver off the table, but it has not yet happened. For the last two weeks, the EU has been talking about the Davutoğlu-Erdoğan conflict to turn back from what it sees as a wrong move.According to the Financial Times, Davutoğlu has thrown himself into the flames with the visa waiver agreement. Having agreed to re-admit migrant arriving in the EU illegally, Davutoğlu did not inform Erdoğan of the details of the agreement he made with Merkel. Erdoğan has reacted severely to this move. Tensions between Erdoğan and Davutoğlu were talked about during the last general elections, but there had been no concrete evidence.With the new crisis that has come up over the visa waiver, talk of an early general election, possible new prime ministers and conflict between two leading names in Turkish politics have come to occupy the agenda.
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