Who is going to hold the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was the question that the World wonders most after David Cameron’s resign due to his historical defeat at the Brexit referandum. The question is answered and Cameron announced Theresa May is going to be the new Prime Minister of UK at the press conference. May who is going to take over the seat in one of the most turbulent period in recent UK history stated they will not take step back about Brexit and they will come out succesful from the process. Thus, who exactly Conservative Party leader Theresa May the second woman after Margaret Thatcher sits on the Prime Minister seat is?Theresa Mary May in full name was born on 1 October 1956 in Sussex. May who took her education at St. Hugh College on geography, started her political career in 1986 by electing as councillor of Merton, South London after her succesful career at Bank of England. May who has taken office in the Parliament since 1997 held several positions between 1999 and 2010 including Shadow Secretary in Education and Employment. Theresa May who was appointed as first woman Chairman of Conservative Party in 2002 and held the position till 2003 was appointed as Home Secretary also Minister of Woman and Equality by David Cameron. After Boris Johnson’s announcement who is one of the most influential people in the party about he not running for party leadership, she was elected as leader of Conservative Party in 11 July 2016 and it is decided she is going to be the Prime Minister in Conservative Party Government.Theresa May is expected to have some rough time as David Cameron’s relieved attitude at the press conference showed where he announced the new Prime Minister. While brand new Prime Minister’s future policies are highly wondered, Theresa May held a decisive attitude about the Brexit which is the most important decision she will make and she stated they will remain loyal to Brexit and there won’t be a second referandum. Even if she held a relatively low profile during the referandum process, it was well known that May was on the ‘remain’ side about the Brexit. With her announcement about clinging into the decision, it can be said she and the Conservative Party made a positive start in the public eye. Hence, when her prime ministry is announced, GBP which decreased to its lowest in last 33 years bounced back and it can be said that this shows the positive feedback from stakeholders. May who talked about the immigration which is UK’S primary problem and the main reason after the Brexit call signalled they will hold stricter control on immigration. May has led the campaign ‘Go Home Vans’ and promised illegal immigrants that goes back to their countries will be provided state aid on her Home Secretary period, however only 11 people went back to their countries and the campaign took the flak. How is it going to be proceeded about the damaged economy is another hot topic on the agenda, general opinion is Philip Hammond who currently is Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs being appointed as Chancellor of the Exhequer and a new route being drawn in trade.Theresa May’s political ideology and her political character can gice an idea on what kind of leader she is going to be. In its previous bulletins Financial times described Theresa May as a non-ideological and strong politician. Theresa May can be said to have discourses that has revised and smoothed her political attitude that supports this description. Apart from her adaptation on the topic Brexit, May announced she won’t insist on her statement on UK leaving European Court of Human Rights. She also took attention by foreclosing a law regulation on class inequality despite her previous statements about equality of opportunity.Theresa May who is going to face many uncertanities in the situation Britania is in will try to solve the immigration problem while managing the economic relationship with European Union. What kind of leadership she will display on the process on the other hand will determine the fate of both she herself and United Kingdom.

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