As the presidential elections loom in Brazil, the conflict and fighting words between the candidate of the Socialist Party and of the Labour Party is intensifying. According to the latest polls, the incumbent Labour Party Candidate Dilma Rousseff, is trailing behind the Socialist Party candidate Marina Silva.
Another candidate, the Social Democracy Party backed Aecio Neves is not given much chance next to the two female candidates. Polls show that in the second round, Rousseff will get 40 percent of the vote while Silva will get 50 percent.
Assessments regarding the future of Brazil, one of the largest and most significant economies in the Americas, indicate that there will be change after President Dilma Rousseff. In a speech to the National Industry Confederation on the 3rd of September, the president said that economic conditions were not at her desired level and that she will make policy changes after the elections. Making a statement the same day, leading candidate Marina Silva accused President Dilma Rousseff of establishing an “empire of fear”. Silva signalled recovery of the public sector should she be elected and also demonstrated her environmentalist outlook.
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