İrem GÖL -TDO- The Secretary General of the World Health Organization called for the Trump administration to reconsider its decision to halt the funding to the taking into account that the “virus will be with us for a long time.” In the virtual briefing that he gave on Wednesday, Tedros said: “I hope the freezing of the funding will be reconsidered and the US will once again support WHO’s work and continue to save lives. I hope the US believes that this is an important investment, not just to help others but for the US to stay safe also.”

Last week, the president of the US Donald Trump declared that the US would cut the funding provided to the WHO because of the mismanagement of the pandemic. The funding from the US was almost the 15% of the whole budget of the WHO. There have been a lot of reactions against the act of US at a moment that the WHO is needed the most for the international cooperation.

“Most countries are still in the early stages of their epidemics and some that were affected early in the pandemic are starting to see resurgence in cases. Make no mistake; we have a long way to go. The virus will be with us for a long time” he said while stressing that the outbreaks in Western Europe appear to be stabilizing or declining but the situation in the US is worrisome.

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