In the last couple of days, major incidents have been taking place in Syria, where civil war has been ongoing since 2011. According to Reuters, opposition forces in Manbij, Syria affirmed that around %70 of the territory is under control. The rebel alliance which is backed by the US was successful to drive ISIS to the northeastern part of the city after two days of conflict. Thousands of civilians are reported to be stuck in the area after ISIS planted mines and attacked, while 2300 people have managed to flee the conflict zone.Additionally, former al-Nusra Front which changed its name to Jabhat Fatah Al-Sham after cutting ties with al-Qaeda reported that it had taken some positions from the government forces in the southwestern parts of the city. While the government confirms the attacks, they declined the claims on rebels taking some fronts. According to BBC, after Bashar Al-Assad’s declaration saying that the government will grant amnesty to the rebels if they surrender in three months, some rebels have surrendered. On the same date, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced there will be three exit corridors opened to civilians and unarmed rebels and one for the armed rebels. As reported by The Washington Post, civilians living in Aleppo started burning tires on the streets to block the airstrikes of the government which is backed by the Russian forces. Back on the 7th of July, 300.000 people were stuck in opposition-held Aleppo after government forces cut off the last supply route in the area. According to Al Jazeera, Head of the US Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan expressed his concerns by stating that it might be impossible to have a unified Syria again. Last February, US Secretary of State John Kerry raised similar concerns saying if the peace talks which were going to take place in March did not advance, partition of Syria might be considered as “Plan B”. Öykü Deniz Aytemiz

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