The acts which are collectively referred to as “radical Islam” and which have caused a worldwide nightmare did not come to be overnight. Osama bin Laden, who gathered strength for decades in Saudi Arabia was one of the foremost names of violence in the Turkistan geography. Shamil Baseyev was the terror of Russia in the forests and mountains of Chechnya. Abdullah Ocalan lead militants who mutilated the bodies of killed soldiers for years. Abu Bakir al Baghdadi is the most recent “muse” of fantasies of violence. What is common to these people, who may be joined by others any day, is that they are the ringleaders of contracted killers and criminal organisations, rather than being popular heroes or freedom fighters. These criminal rings, which for long years were managed from a single source may today appear to have escaped control, while in truth their leashes have been handed down to local structures. Those who saw that giving great power to a single power equals unleashing uncontrollable power have deemed cellular organisations with many leaders more fit. As a result, cooperation has been established with local dictators.Leaders who until yesterday “directed” their fighters have become weak and secondary characters. They have been replaced by bigger fish; dictators and heads of government. Today radicals are behind almost every crime and murder committed in the Middle Eastern geography. Those who formed western public opinion for centuries with “Turkish Barbarism” have been playing up the Islamic element as a more effective and scary trump recently. If one example of the bloody hands in cooperation were to be taken up, it would be much easier to see the whole picture. In Syria, one of the stops of the Arab Spring, President Bashar Assad was at first cornered due to the atrocities committed against the civilian population. Being the boss until then Assad put out a hand to the west in desperation and struck a deal which was indeed not too bad. Turning into a valuable gunman for the opponents of Islam, Assad became the chief of a ring of contract killers through a simple deal.
As seen on social media, Assad and his supporters live in the lap of luxury in the zones still controlled by the government forces. The means they have taken up to achieve this is simple. The Syrian government first released all prisoners who were opponents of the regime, especially radicals and Islamists. Some were given amnesty, some escaped accidentally and a blind eye was turned to the release of some but when the radicals realised their genetically coded passion for violence, the West had found the guilty party it had been looking for. While all signs began to point away from Assad and those like him, Islam became the entirely guilty party. With some small touches the idea was fortified in the Western world. From France, Norway and Germany to Australia, the world was fitted with anti-Islamists. Ironically, this was achieved through the hands, decapitations and the triggers of those who call themselves Islamists. The bogeymen who were until yesterday deemed enemies of opponents of the West have recently become its darling collaborators. So much so that the Taliban is now an invited party to negotiating tables. Continuing with its successful practices, the West has been releasing ruthless murderers that are Taleban leaders, providing them with unique opportunities. In the end, it is not difficult to see that there is only a single leader in world in which it is impossible to remain neutral in the face of the demands of the “Big Boss”. The Chechens have started negotiating with the Russians, the Taleban with the Afghans and Pakistanis and Kurds with Turks. Everything that took place in the last fifty years has been forgotten. One needs to ask though: when will the boss want to sit down and negotiate with the terrorists called the “Islamic State” and who will the boss play the next game with?
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