Mustafa AY – TDO – 14.09.2017 Washington administration imposed ban on the usage of Kaspersky Lab security program in the US public agencies. Government officials attributed this decision to the suspicion that Kaspersky may collaborate with Russian government on the matter of espionage activities in USA.

Elaine Duke, acting Homeland Security Secretary, decreed Federal civilian agencies to identify the Kaspersky Lab security program, and then remove it from their network. Secretary uttered “in case of any link between Russian government and Kaspersky, Moscow may extend the scope of this collaboration to the Russian agencies such as Russian intelligence agency. That’s why, we ordered the removal of the program and software from our network”. Elanie Duke proceeded with these remarks that Russian Laws authorized Moscow with the right of compelling Kaspersky and alike companies to assist with the governmental agencies. In case of this situation, Russian government may infiltrate into US public network and attain whatever they want. Therefore, US government justified its decision with those unproven allegations.

In face of these unproven allegations, Kaspersky Company stated that they haven’t got in a clandestine cooperation with Russian government and its agencies and never will be. The company officials also said that US government has no concrete evidence about these allegations. For this reason, Kaspersky is being victimized to the unfounded claims of US government, company continued so. Besides all abovementioned, Kaspersky Company put an end on the unfounded claims with “Russian Laws requiring assistance to the government has nothing to do with us”.

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