Mustafa AY – TDO – 15.01.2018 That Turkish President R.T. Erdoğan’s remarks “one day we might come when you do not expect us to do so” implied that Turkey’s prospective military operation against Syria-based terrorist organization SDF’s positions in Afrin. Following these remarks of President Erdoğan, Turkish Army units on Syria border commenced artillery fire on SDF positions in Afrin, which is the first de facto step to be taken by Turkey, on Saturday. In the aftermath of the attacks on SDF by Turkish Army, Colonel Thomas F. Veale - Coalition Force’s spokesman - announced that SDF will be assigned as ‘border security force’ along Turkey-Syria border. Firstly, to be able to underscore the importance of this official statement by USA, SDF is a Syria-based terrorist organization linked with PKK terrorist organization that USA’s ‘closest’ ally in the region –Turkey – has been fighting with since 1980s. However, SDF has been endorsed in every way and with every military means by US government, even if former US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter recognized SDF as terrorist organization by relating it to PKK in 2016.

In the wake of USA’s official statement for SDF, Turkish Foreign Ministry released an official condemnation for USA’s ‘unilateral’ decision on SDF and said “Washington’s announcement is ‘unacceptable’!” on Sunday. As for the question “how many USA is planning to assign border security force comprising of SDF?”, Turkey estimates the planned number of SDF terrorists as 30.000. Turkish President’ key Consultant İbrahim Kalın made some statements about the issue “USA is seeking ways for legitimizing SDF by deploying it as border security force on Syria-Turkey border”. Therefore, He in the name of President of Turkey condemned USA’s ‘unilateral announcement’.

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