Mustafa AY – TDO – 23.08.2017 Pope Francis, set an intriguing warning concerning immigration and refugee policies of developed countries, mostly EU and USA, on agenda. The core motive lying behind this warning is that Pope made a visit to Italian island named ‘Lampedusa’ located on Mediterranean Sea. During his visit, he witnessed miserable long-waiting of thousands of Syrian and African refugees on ports, who fled persecution, famine and natural disasters. That’s why, he sympathized them and convinced himself of the fact that UN should take an immediate global step with the aim of settling this sad situation.

Pope Francis briefly stated that politicians, who deal with the influx of refugees and immigration, should be careful, while behaving them. Pope Francis, rather pointing out EU and USA, made this remark “put your national interest aside! You should regulate your immigration and refugee policies by paying attention to your conscience and other humanitarian feeling. It becomes now global phenomena. Otherwise, you will be exposed to the bothersome progresses deriving from your firm and negligent policies to immigration and refugee problem”.

Pope Francis decreed Vatican Immıgration and Refugee Section to produce a 20 Points Action Plan so that they will be able to guide UN General Assembly in 2018. So, what does Papacy’s action plan cover? According to 20 Points Action Plan, the dignity of refugees and immigration should be protected by the hosting developed countries –implying USA and EU-. Specifically, the Action Plan suggests “that those sufferers get subject to disdain by the hosting countries ought to be avoided by those countries. In case of denying the Plan and of keeping current policies in implementation, those countries will most probably pay a heavy price for their current, interest-based policies in the future”. With this warning, Vatican calls UN -mostly EU and US- to alter its policies/attitudes towards those sufferers as possible as they can.

He may be right in his foresight about EU at least. Even today, Italy has conflict with Austrian government, following Austrian Defense Ministry’s deployment of its small-scale armed personnel with a few armored vehicles on Brenner border in Alps. This prompted serious reaction by Italian govt. to not only Austria, but also EU for its indifferent stance on the refugees and immigrations within Italian borders. Italians wants to share those immigrants and refugees with other EU countries. But, EU has not made a decision about Rome’s proposal. If EU had responded Italians’ will on time, today the relationship between Italy and Austria would have not been tensed so much. That’s why, Vatican has just made warning to UN, after Pope noticed this tension among EU members. 

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