Yesterday, Syrian government and rebel groups agreed on a ceasefire which allows the evacuation of thousands of residents from the last pockets of rebel-held eastern Aleppo to Idlib or to Turkey. The deal was brokered by Turkey and Russia. Regarding the event, Mehmet Şimşek, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, announced that Turkish government was planning to set up a new tent city to host 80,000 people but he did not specify whether the facility would be in Turkey or Syria. 

However, it has been announced that the deal was delayed in this morning because rebel groups claimed that  government-aligned  Shia militia were offending evacuees and stipulated sieges of Kafraya and Al-Fua where are Shia majority towns, to be lifted. In addition to these, it has been claimed that regime forces demanded the freedom of prisoners of war.

UN Human Rights Office Spokesman, Rupert Colville, said loyal forces of Bashar al-Assad entered homes and killed people inside and others killed fleeing civilians on the spot.

Furthermore, Haid Haid who is a Syrian researcher and associate fellow of Chatnam house, described the ceasefire as a ‘’surrender’’. Additionally, he said unless international community impose sanctions against it, the regime may cheat on the deal.

Russian Defence Ministry declared that 6,000 civilians and 366 fighters left rebel-held districts of Aleppo over the past 24 hours. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he expected the end of the "rebel resistance” within two or three days.  There are strong concerns about future attack on Idlib as people flee to there

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