Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić thanked Russia for the Sputnik v coronavirus vaccine.

In a statement, Vučić said: "20+20 thousand Russian Sputnik V vaccines will come from Russia tomorrow. Why do I say 20+20? Because, unlike Pfizer's and the Chinese vaccine, the first dose of the Russian vaccine is not the same as the second dose. For that, thank you for every vaccine they sent us. We are eternally grateful to them. You get 40 thousand vaccines, but you need 400 thousand. Currently, there are 750 thousand people on the vaccination list, in fact, 3 million people need to be vaccinated, but we will fight for every vaccine."

Answering questions from reporters, Vučić said they need more vaccines, adding that they are conducting talks with other manufacturers through open and closed channels.

According to Vučić, Serbia has signed agreements for the shipment of about 7 million doses of coronavirus vaccine, but currently cannot fully receive the vaccines due to problems with the lack of production capacity in the world.

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