Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The Merapi volcano, which is located in Indonesia and is the country's most active volcano, erupted on Friday (yesterday), spewing ash 5km high.

According to a report by the Indonesian National Observatory, it took about 7 minutes for the volcano to erupt. Lava outflow was observed, along with mixed hot gases, and ash spewing into the air fell over an area 20 km in diameter.

Officials have warned residents in the area not to approach the volcano more than 3km away.

This eruption was the second eruption of Mount Merapi in March. The first eruption took place on 3 March and spewed ash 6 km into the air. Ash was seen falling in the city of Yogyakarta, 30km away, and the airport in the area was closed to flights.

When the Merapi volcano last erupted in 2010, it had killed 300 people and evacuated 280 thousand people from the region.

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