News Center -TDO- As you are aware Sri Lanka is fully opened the country for foreign travellers from October 2021 and many foreign travellers from countries like UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East & Asia started to visit Sri Lanka for the season. Further, Turkey also lifted the quarantine restrictions imposed on countries including Sri Lanka from mid November 2021.

Turkish travel agencies, outbound tour operators, airlines and media representatives attended the event with the support of Sri Lanka Embassy, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB).

Ambassador M. Rizvi Hassen speaking during the session stated that this is the high time to accelerate the tourism between Sri Lanka and Turkey as Sri Lanka relaxed the measures to welcome travellers and comfort their stay and experience the uniqueness of the destination.

Ms. Padma Siriwardena, Managing Director of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in her remarks further explained and highlighted the initiatives Sri Lanka Tourism has taken during the pandemic and afterwards to safe & secure the stay of foreign travellers in Sri Lanka by introducing more flexible measures. 

Ms. Nalan Yeşilyurt, Executive Board Member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) joined the session and thanked the Embassy for this initiative. Further she briefly speak about the tourism statistics between two countries prior to the pandemic and ensured TURSAB assitance to reinstate the pre pandemic figures by organizing regular interactions between tourism sector stake holders.

A comprehensive detailed presentation was made during the brief event by the Sri Lanka Tourism promotion Bureau. Mr. Mahmut Sami Uluer, Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka to Nevşehir & the Chairman of the Lanka Balloining (Pvt) Ltd shared his experience with Sri Lanka as Mr. Uluer engaged in tourism and aviation seector in Sri Lanka from 2016. Furthermore, proprietors of “Sisters Away”, “ Mellow Hostel” also shared their experience in Sri Lanka as two Turkish proprietors based in Sri Lanka and operates their activities in hospitality and adventure sector,

Furthermore, partcipated tour operators, travel agents, airlines and journalists shared their views, suggestions during the session to expand more connectivities between Sri Lanka and Turkey.

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