Virgin Trains East Coast is a train operating company in the United Kingdom which operates on the East Coast Main Line between London, Edinburgh, Leeds, and York. Recently the staff on Virgin Trains East Coast have announced to walk out order to protest a row over cuts, work conditions and safety.RMT have announced that there will be three 24-hour walkouts on 19, 26 and 29 August.While the strikes will be held around the bank holiday weekend on 26 and 29 August, Virgin Trains East Coast has reassured customers its timetable will be unaffected during the strikes.In 1980s, neo-liberal policies lead to increase in privatization in many areas such as education, health and transport. Accordingly, the national railways were privatized around the Europe, and they still is being privatized. The most typical result of privatizations can be shown as falling wages and worsening working conditions.On the other hand, while England’s leaving from the European Union may lead to increase unemployment rates in England, it may also lead to the deterioration of working conditions. Owen Tudor, the head of The Trades Union Congress’s(TUC) European Union and International Relations Department, has stated that the result of the referendum is a disappointment for the TUC; he also added that they campaigned hard for Remain since that was the best option for working people’s jobs, wages and rights.Tudor also has claimed that the referendum may lead Britain' loss of the European common market benefits and this will lead to increaseon unemployment rates. Moreover, the loss of workers' rights, which is guaranteed by the EU, is another concern.
As a result, Virgin Rail workers strike in August in the UK is not the first strike, but this strike is just one example which shows that the lives of workers is worsened in the UK after Brexit.

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