Very Important Archaeological Discovery in Tunisia


Adel Tayari – TDO- (TUNUSIA) Homo sapiens found in Tunisia since 100 thousand years BC, the most important scientific data presented at a press conference was held On Wednesday, March 15 in “Guittan echourfa” in Nafta in the south of Tunisia. “Guittan echourfa” Is an archaeological site was discovered months ago its area is a seven-hectare.

According to a press conference held by the development of tourism room in Nafta in cooperation with the Tunisian Heritage Institute and the presence of the research team which includes researchers from the University of Sousse in Tunisia and the Tunisian Heritage Institute and the British Royal University and Oxford University and he has overseen the discovery under the supervision of the Tunisian Ministry of Cultural Affairs that Homo sapiens left in this region remains of flint tools along with the remnants of fossils of animals lived in the region along the lines of the lion, rhino, deer and bovids brutal and horse .. It is evidence that the environment in this place they are contrary to what it is now, where the climate was more like a savanna.

Among researcher from the team that found evidence that the human passed this place to get to Europe since 100 thousand years.

And Daily Mail British newspaper had published an article, talked about this archaeological site, which was discovered pointed out the article published by the British newspaper the strategic location that has Tunisia, as located at the crossroads, linking the north and south and between sub-Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean, and therefore represented Tunisia, an important transit passed through Homo sapiens in ancient times, during his travels and  he said the article that the  Archaeological site discovered in Tunisia recently  is a very important and will reconsider the history of human presence there

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