Mustafa AY – TDO -11.04.2019 On Sunday, Sri Lanka was rocked by well-planned/coordinated bombing assails, which targeted 7 different public places, four hotels and three churches. One of three churches 'Saint Sebastian' in Katuwapitiya, the city of Negombo, confronted with the first of bombing assails causing at least 50 innocent civilians and tens of casualties to arise.

Semindi Samrakoon, Director of National Hospital of Colombo, stated that bombing attacks on five different public places - four hotels and one church - left over 100 dead and 280 heavily and slightly wounded. He supposes that the number of death would rise unfortunately.

The last two terrorist attacks targeted Saint Anthony Church and a hotel near the National Zoo in capital Colombo. Sri Lankan police made a statement that they were striving for evaluating casualties and victims of terrorist attacks in the area following the attack.

Following the terrorist attacks resulting in approximately 290 dead and 450 wounded for now, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremensinghe called on national Security Council to convene urgently. Right after council meeting finished, PM Wickremensinghe announced imposition of nationwide curfew and temporary ban on social media access with the aim of averting dissemination of unfounded and propaganda-oriented information related to assault. Lastly, Sri Lankan officials uttered that they haven't identified who or which terrorist organization committed such horrific atrocities yet, but took 7 suspects into account in suspicion of that they would be connected to act of terror.

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