İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-16.06.2017- There is a widely used proverb in Turkish as ‘’ What is diet, what is this pickled cabbage?’’ which means actions of someone contradicts with its moves. USA decision to sell warplanes that cost about 12 billion dollars is this kind of a move after Trump’s contradictory statements.

According to Qatar’s QNA news agency, government signed new deals to buy a F-15 type warplane for approximately twelve billion dollars. It was reported that defense ministers of the two countries, Halit el-Atiye and Jim Mattis met for the agreement on Wednesday. Also, sides had a consensus to decrease tensions in strategically important Gulf.

As you know, recently six Arab countries; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Eastern Government of Libya, Maldives cut off their diplomatic ties with Qatar and start imposing economic sanctions regarding its so-called “promote’’ terrorism and ‘’help’’ to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Following the event, several statements made by American officers.  Unlike other officers, the most powerful name, US President Donald Trump, said he supports sanctions.

Qatar has crucial importance for USA as its biggest military station in the Gulf is located in it. Besides, it is not a secret that Qatar is a proper location for American officers to have ‘’informal’’ talks with many actors.

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