Mustafa AY – TDO – 16.07.2018 Washington’s S-400 pressure on New Delhi prompted reaction of Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Minister Sitharaman emphasized “USA’s laws only apply there, not in India. For this reason, all the unilateral laws of USA are binding for USA itself”. Sitharaman underlied irelevancy of United States’s unilateral laws about sanctions by articulating “ India would only comply with the sanctions of UN, not with USA’s. Therefore, USA’s unilateral laws are non-binding for India!” during American Congress delegations’s visit to New Delhi to discuss S-400 purchase.

In June 2018, the claims referring to that India would sign defense agreement worth 5.7 billion dollars became crystal clear. In accordance with the arms deal, India will most likely recieve 5 units of S-400 Triumph air to air missile system. However, US Congress passed a bill called as ‘Countering USA’s Adversaries Through Sacntions’ to thwart and impede Russia’s arms export to foreign countries. Becasue of this law, not only Russia will be exposed to sanctions, but also foreign nations making huge transactions with Russia in the field of arms sale will be exposed to sanctions, at least USA thinks so. Specialists in the field of foreign affairs consider that USA unlikely imposes sanctions on India.

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