İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- American, Chief of General Staff Joseph Dunford, requested his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar, to let YPG to join Raqqa offense, in İncirlik, last week.

Recently, Akar and Dunford met in NATO’S İncirlik military base to talk about upcoming Raqqa operation.

It has been asserted that Dunford presented a new plan for Raqqa but there are some disagreements about it.

According to the draft; there will be a secured road,length 54 km, width 1 km, between Tel Abyad and Akçakale. Secondly, there will be much more soldiers. There will be 10,000 FSA fighters, several YPG and Arab militants from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Turkey and USA will provide air support. In Al-Bab operation, there were 2,200 Turkish soldiers, 3000 FSA fighters and 180-200 soldiers from private forces. What is significant that; now USA insist on adding YPG militants directly to the offensive.  In the prior operation they were joined under an umbrella organization of SDF.

Turkey has his own plans for Raqqa offensive but it may be changed if they have a common attack with the U.S. 

It is not clear that whether Turkey and USA will have a joint operation, yet. From the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, American government tried to provide international recognition, respect and validity to Kurdish militants in the region, gave military assistance and weapons to them. Turkey has always tried to avoid this because whatever organization they serve for, each Kurdish group in Northern Syria have organic links with PKK terrorist organization. Trump’s decision to give an end to the Syrian conflict can be a great opportunity for Turkey but it seems some figures of bureaucracy are still in favor of legitimizing Kurdish power in the region.


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