İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-15.10.2017- On Friday, US President Donald Trump, announced that USA would withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal which was signed between the Permanent 5(USA, Russia, Britain, France and China) and Tehran signed in 2015. European officers opposed to White House as American government has no right to act unilaterally on the issue.

Initially, Trump attacked Iranian regime as they directly support terrorism. He stated that Iranian regime protected terrorists before 9/11 attacks including son of Usama Bin Laden. Iranian regime helps Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda. Additionally, he noted that the regime continues to settle missiles that threaten USA and Gulf states.

Secondly, he argued that Iran had ‘’violated’’ the treaty many times, ‘’achieved’’ to fool international audit assistants and did not let international professionals to enter nuclear plants. Also, he asserted that Iran had exceeded 130 tones quota two times and ‘’disappointed’’ USA on the issue of centrifuges. He said’’ We think that Iran supports terror and tries to bring chaos into the region’’. Moreover, he alleged ‘’Revolutionary Guards is an outmoded institution that promote terrorism. That’s why they produce weapons and use them on civilians. I order Department of Treasury to impose sanctions on them’’. He ended his words as ‘’ Like we see it in North Korean Crisis, you should nib in the bat any potential problem’’.

Moreover, European Union’s High Representative of Foreign Relations and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, reminded that Washington has no authority to obsolete the deal as it is not a bilateral one. She worded ‘’It is not a bilateral treaty so no state owns it and has the authority to end it. It is powerful deal which based on United Nations Security Council (UNSC) voting has upper guarantor ship and observable bodies. Therefore, Iran’s nuclear program is civilian and continue to be like that’’.

Furthermore, German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, told to Deutchland Funk raido that if USA resigns from the treaty, each state would revert to develop nuclear weapons and it would not be appreciated by Tel Aviv. Additionally, he stated ‘’ Then, we would back to where we were 10,12 years ago with the danger of war relatively close to Europe’’

In this sense, European Union’s ideas about the issue would be highly significant.  it is possible that Trump’s decision would be rejected by the US Congress and Iran Nuclear Deal’s binding force would be sustainable. Europe’s opposition to the White House would be arbiter. On the other hand, Trump’s sayings about 9/11 and Bin Laden  whether true or false is highlighting. It feels really similar to Bush’s words in 2001 and potentially represents Washington’s determinant structure on Middle East Politics.

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