Mustafa AY – TDO – 15.09.2017 Steve Munchin, Trump Administration’s Secretary of Treasury, reportedly used government-owned airplane for his personal business that was honeymoon following the marriage with actress Louise Linton. After some anonymous government officials leaked this information, Steve Munchin came under investigation opened by Treasury Department's Office of Inspector General. The inquiry​ by the Office may trigger the sequence of troubles for Steve Munchin on forthcoming days.

The process of inquiry actually dates back to August. Secretary Munchin has encountered the inquiry opened for the same matter before. That Secretary Munchin used the government-asset to arrive at Kentucky at the time of solar eclipse was also leaked by the same anonymous resources. The Department of Treasury immediately denied that leaked information and came up with the statement suggesting that Secretary Munchin went to Kentucky for the meeting concerning tax reforms.

Steve Munchin is not only Secretary of Treasury, but also the member of National Security Council. For this reason, he may also utilize from the army jets for his personal businesses as well. Therefore, the scope of investigation may extent far more than the Office. US Congress and even Senate might undertake the execution of the inquiry.

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