Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The US Department of Finance's Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Unit has sanctioned 6 Venezuelan government officials who have been linked to Maduro. The statement identified that Maduro closed the borders to prevent the Venezuelan people's aid from reaching the country, and placed the army and security forces on the Venezuelan-Colombian and Venezuelan-Brazilian border where humanitarian convoys would pass.

It was announced that 6 people who were included in the sanctions list were security officers and were among those who prevented the entry of humanitarian aid into Venezuela. The assets of the 6 people in the US were also frozen.

At a press conference, US Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin said, “Nicolas Maduro, former President of Venezuela, has violated international law to prevent humanitarian aid from loading trucks and ships at the border. The illegitimate government's use of food as a weapon was the last straw. The US is supporting temporary President Juan Guaido. We will continue to target those who are loyal to Maduro, which has caused this humanitarian crisis.”

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