Selin ATAY-TDO- The United States has announced it is sending 2 "B-52H" type nuclear-capable bombers to the Middle East in response to a possible Iranian threat.

"B-52H Stratofortress crews from Minor Air Base, home base of the fifth Bomber Squadron, were in the Middle East today to demonstrate the US commitment to regional security and demonstrate its ability to quickly deploy a huge combat force in a short period of time," the Central Forces Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.

CENTCOM said in a statement that the United States continues to closely monitor security in the region. “The two-aircraft deployment also sends a clear message of 'deterrence' to Americans and anyone who intends to harm American interests,” the statement said.

It was curious that the United States made this deployment 5 days before the first year of the killing of General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces in Jerusalem.

CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie pointed to Iran in his statement and said: “The United States continues to deploy combat-ready forces to CENTCOM’s area of responsibility to deter any potential enemy and to make clear that we are ready to respond to any attack that may be directed at Americans and our interests. We are not pursuing war, but no one should underestimate our ability to protect our forces and respond strongly to any attack.”

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