Mustafa AY – TDO – 17.07.2018 On 16th of July, world’s leading aerospace industries including in Turkey’s TAI and TEI corporations took part in Farnborough International Aviation Fair in London. There were many high-ranking military officers and bureaucrats from different nations, who were representing their own countries in the fair. Among those representatives, Tina Kaidanow -Acting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs- participated in the fair. Kaidanow made crucial remarks about Turkey’s purchase of S-400. In accordance with her statements, Turkey and USA re-commenced negotiations about prospective purchase of US Patriot missile systems. Kaidanow implied that Washington was literally obliged to take this step şn order to preclude Trukey from receiving Russian S-400s. Before this obligatory step, US administration attempted to deter Turkey from purchasing S-400s by making US Senate pass a bill which banned Turkey to receive F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet.  However, Turkey didn’t change its stance on S-400s.

In Previous years, Ankara tried to procure Patriot systems twice. But, Turkey couldn’t reach a purchase deal with US-based Raython Co, which designed, enhaced and produced Patriots. Because Turkey also wnated technology transfer from Raython Co., but Raython refused Turkey’s demand. Moreover, Turkey had complaint about that its NATO allies such as Netherlands, Germany and USA used Patriots as a political tool to take advantage over Turkey on the susceptile matters. In 2015, Netherlands, Germany and USA withdrew Patriots, which were deployed in Gaziantep and Adana for a shortwhile, from Turkey at the unsatisfactory pretexts. After Patriots’s withdrawal by NATO allies of Turkey, Turkey had to face with imminent missile threats posed by Syria and terrorist organisations in Syria. For the reason that Turkey feld discomfort from its allies’s treatments on the matter of Patriots and couldn’t reach a purchase deal with Raython Co, Ankara turned its eyes to Chinese CPMIEC, which offered both missile systems and systems’s technology transfer to Turkey. However, afterwards, Turkey terminated the agreement with Chinese CPMIEC and reached a better deal on the purchase of S-400s with Russian state-run Rosoboronexport. After long-lasting negotiations, Turkey finalized deal relating to procurement of S-400 with Russia in December 2017.

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