Selin ATAY-TDO- In his speech at the Munich Security Conference, US President Joe Biden noted that they are in a long-term struggle with China and stressed the importance of the US-EU alliance against China in the economic and security areas in the future. “The effort of the United States, Europe and Asia to secure our common interests and values in the Pacific will be one of our most important jobs. Competition with China will be tough," he said.

The US President has made assessments of Russia as well as China and said Moscow posed a "threat" to the transatlantic alliance closer than China. "Putin wants to weaken Europe, the European project and the NATO alliance," Biden said in his speech. He wants to damage our transatlantic unity and determination because it's easier for the Kremlin to intimidate individual countries," Biden said.

Biden announced that they care about diplomacy and diplomatic solutions, and for this reason they have agreed to extend the New START agreement with Russia, even though they are in competition. In his speech, the president stated that they have taken steps to solve the problems in the Middle East with the same approach. Biden, on the one hand, is pursuing Iran's harmful actions in the region, on the other hand, they are preparing to return to nuclear negotiations with Iran.

After the last 4 years, which have been difficult in many ways, Biden said that in the new era, the United States will re-strengthen its relations with its allies around the world, especially in European capitals. "America is back, the transatlantic alliance is back. We will no longer look back, but together we will look ahead," the US President said. Biden also pointed out that, without mentioning Donald Trump, he would re-strengthen U.S.-EU relations that had frayed in the Donald Trump era.

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