Mustafa AY – TDO – 09.01.2017 Predecessors of President Donald Trump in 2000s granted many Central Americans from Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras and El Salvador, who suffered from devastating natural disasters like earthquake and tsunami, with ‘Temporary Protected Status’ (TPS). TPS is a humanitarian status that US governments recognized for destructive natural disaster sufferers from all around the world. In accordance with TPS, many Central Americans were granted with temporary settlement and work in USA. However, President Donald Trump, whose stance on the matter of immigration has been really strict since the inauguration, decided to terminate El Salvadorian immigrants’ TPS rights that were going to be expired in 2019. In the wake of this decision, President Donald Trump gave deadline determined as ‘till 2019’ to El Salvadorians and other Central Americans. If those immigrants do not leave USA in the determined duration, US officials will resort to the compulsory deportation process for 200.000 El Salvadorian immigrants. But, that President Trump’s decision on El Salvadorian immigrants does not only affect El Salvadorian immigrants since TPS is not only for El Salvadorians. ‘Temporary Protected Status’ also cover other Central American immigrants from Honduras, Haiti and Nicaragua. Today Central American immigrants benefitting from TPS is listed as:

  • El Salvador (200.000)
  • Honduras (86.000)
  • Haiti (46.000)
  • Nicaragua (5.500)

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