By İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- 03.08.2017- In a recently given statement by US President Donald Trump said American forces might withdraw from Afghanistan where is under American control since 2001 and continue to be a source of security debates in the White House.

Previously, Trump said on Afghanistan as “I want to find out why we’ve been there for 17 years”. Also, on Thursday, when he asked about whether government will send more troops to Afghanistan in order to educate and help local security forces to fight with radical terrorist groups, he repplied only : “We’ll see ”.

However, military officers and some advisers are very suspcious on the issue and try to persuade Trump to send 3,900 additional soldiers to the country. Actually, the administration was expected to have determined its strategy for Afghanistan by mid-July but they were unable to agree on the plan. In the light of the President’s view on the issue, analysts started to count what will happen in case of a total withdrawal from the country. If Trump will be capable to change traditional American policy on the issue, Pentagon will likely to rely on drone strikes and special forces to target extremists.  

Defence Secretary James Mattis has acknowledged that the US is “not winning” the longstanding war and said earlier in July that officials were “pretty close” to agreeing on a strategy for Afghanistan. It is significant to remind that Trump gave the authortiy to define the number of soldiers needed on Afghanistan.

The US military presence in Afghanistan began in 2001 as a response to the 9/11 attacks.  During Trump’s predessor, Barack Obama’s term, disgareements about Afghanistan peaked. While some experts argue that it is useless to send additional troops to the fields, others defend the act.  At first, number of troops sended to Kabul was less than the number of American soldiers in Baghdad. After a 30,000 troop reinforcement in 2009 under Obama, the figure was increased to 100,000 in 2010.  On the other hand, Obama administration settled timeline for military withdrawal as the country's own forces took greater control of their own security. 

Under the fog of political indecision, it is important to note that sending American soldiers to secure ‘’strangers’’, is not fitting with his ‘’ America First’’ policy. 


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