Ayberk Eryılmaz-TDO-07.07.2017- Turkish Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ahmet Aslan, said on Tuesday, from this time on US allow to use large electronic devices such as tablet or laptop on US flight.

As it can be remembered, US took a resolution banning the electronic devices from some Airports including Atatürk Airport. In March, the UK government said devices larger than 16.0cm x 9.3cm x 1.5cm would not be allowed on direct flights The reason why US ban the electronic devices larger than smartphone is fear of concealing bomb via those devices existed the US officials. The decision of removing the prohibition done for Emirates and Turkish Airlines flight from Dubai and İstanbul to US.  The root cause of changing decision is implementing enhanced security measures.

A spokesman from Emirates stated that US has exempt from the ban so new regulations announcement affected immediately and significantly and Dubai İnternational Airport got into motion again. Emirates is the largest Airline in Middle East flies to 12 cities of US and shown harsh response to Donald Trump administration by taking a resolution cutting flight to five cities of US. Meanwhile Turkish Airlines, a very famous airlines and getting a sponsorship at marvelous organizations took a position such as delivering large electronic devices onboard.

As Doğan news reported US officials carried out inspections of new security measures at Atatürk airport. In that position on Wednesday, Turkish Airlines will have accepted with electronic devices onto its 6.45 a.m. flight from Atatürk Airport to New York’s Airport. İn the meantime, Chief executive of Turkish Airlines points out they expect from the similar regulation from United Kingdom.

Removal of decision of ban took place after Turkey started to use intensive devices for X-ray so as to be in conformity with the injunction of US administration. That means the intention of adapting to new regularization require huge cost and at the end of the day, the outcome of thrash period came in view as a considerable loss.

Nevertheless, the new confirmation still important and bring the advantages because Atatürk airport is the main airport of Turkey as well as the only airport that flights to US use.

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