The United States took a step to end use of private prisons. US Justice Department said on Thursday that it planned to end the federal government’s use of private prisons, aftercertain negotiations on this issue.The Deputy Attorney General of the United States Sally Yates announced the decision on Thursday that the Justice Department plans to decline to renew the contracts for private prison operators when they expire. In this sense, the Justice Department plans to end its use of private prisons incrementally. For-profit prison industryWith the marketing of the idea of fighting drugs by the elites in 1984, a war was declared on non-whites and lower classes and arrests sky-rocketed. The Anti-Drug Abuse Act signed into law by President Reagan in 1986 caused a pile up in jails. As a result the number of inmates in the USA suddenly rose to 2.5 million ad with hundreds of prisons, the USA became the country with the most prisoners in the world. The corrections system in the USA is seen as a profitable one for investors and the shares of some firms in the sector are traded on Wall Street. In the US penal system, inmates without physical disabilities are made to work in prison jobs. Private corrections firms such as UNICOR, CCA and GEO not only do not have to worry about strikes, insures or holidays, but they have full time workers working for as little as USD 0.25 an hour. If inmates do not want to work for the going wage, they can be kept in solitary confinement until they accept to work.

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