İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-15.07.2017-  According to Sputnik News, there were plans about a joint military attack against the Syrian regime by Israel and US but respecting to Syrian political adviser, Suleiman al Suleiman, because of the reports about S-400 missile defense systems, it put on combat alert in the region.

He said "The operation was cancelled after reports emerged that Russia’s S-400 missile defense systems and a missile attack warning system had been activated in Syria".

On the other hand, Emad Abshenass, an Iranian political analyst and editor-in-chief of an Iranian newspaper, stated that the "plan to divide Syria" was foiled due to Iran’s role in the conflict. He said "Iran’s active engagement in Syria and Iraq has significantly helped the Syrian Army in the fight against Daesh. In fact, Iran’s involvement helped disturb the plan of the United States and Israel to divide Syria and Iraq. This is why Israel is looking for an excuse to justify its strikes on Syria’s territory".

It is a well-known truth that unity or consent of Arab states in the region or their development is not a well-desired thing. Additionally, it is impossible for Jewish government to be neutral and calm under these conditions. Come and See policy is not suitable for them. Nevertheless, as one state intervenes to the conflict, its rival tries to join it automatically. As many states that have some disagreements about each other, there is a huge risk of mini-midi fights between the sides. What is problematic here is its possible spread to other states in the region.

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