Selin ATAY-TDO- A ferocious winter storm in southern and central parts of the United States of America has killed at least 21 people. Also, the extreme cold weather has caused the novel type of coronavirus vaccine centers to shut down. The freeze is supposed to linger till the weekend, officials said.

The 21 people who have lost their lives because of extreme cold weather are from Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri. Texas authorities are facing critique over repeated failure of power grids. The freezing weather has stilled giant wind turbines in West Texas, making it unfeasible for energy companies to meet escalating demand.  About 4 million people in northern Mexico also faced blackouts. Several homes did not have water as the pipes were frozen because of the extreme weather conditions.

The federal government is ready to offer any emergency resources for those who in need, President Joe Biden has assured governors of the states that have been affected by the extreme weather. Shipment of vaccines to these areas might be delayed due to the weather conditions, Biden’s administration stated.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner stated that 1.3 million people in his city remain without power. Turner has asked businesses with electricity to open their doors to the public who want to warm up. Officials from Texas have urged citizens to not bring grills or propane heaters indoors since they may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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