Şimal Çınar –TDO- Due to the ongoing of the war in Syria, the US has extended the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Syrians, which is a humanitarian program established in 1990 and allow immigrants from unsafe countries. Even though Donald Trump cancelled the programmed for some countries in the recent month, nearly 7000 Syrians who already are living and working in the US are announced not to be get affected since they are granted for another 18 months to the date that was set for the program to end, 31 March. The extension allows the ones who already hold a TPS to stay and re-register. However, Syrians who came to the country after August 1, 2016 and weren’t physically present continuously since October 1, 2016, as well as the recent applicants will be excluded from the TPS program.

In a statement that came from the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen she said that "It is clear that the conditions upon which Syria's designation was based continue to exist, therefore an extension is warranted under the statute. We will continue to determine each country’s TPS status on a country-by-country basis". Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also has touched upon this issue in early January during a speech and said, “There is no way to effectively facilitate a large-scale safe and voluntary return of refugees without a political solution."

A former U.S. ambassador to Syria and senior fellow at Middle East Institute, Robert Ford stated that he was glad about the extension but doesn’t understand why recent comers from Syria aren’t allowed to apply. He stated that the conflict in Syria is not finished and the returnees from the US to Syria are viewed with deep suspicion from the Syrian government.

In was announced in November by the Trump administration that the status of Haitians and Nicaraguans would also end in 2019.

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