Selin ATAY-TDO- The Chinese Communist Party has been accused by the United States Department of State of failing to make students belonging to Uighurs and other minorities speak their mother tongue in schools in East Turkestan.

The US State Department shared a message on its official Twitter account blaming the Chinese Communist Party along with the video. "The Chinese Communist Party is wiping out the religion, language and culture of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities throughout Xinjiang (East Turkestan). According to reports, students who speak their mother tongue are being punished," the statement said.

The Chinese Communist Party has banned worship on campuses and the wearing of religious clothing, the foreign ministry said in a statement. The ministry stressed that families are also kept to a minimum to visit their children.

The ministry also said that all books of literature written outside of Mandarin Chinese were banned in schools. For this reason, the US State Department assessed that "the idea of poetry, not freedom of expression, is encouraged in these schools."

"The younger generation is ideologically instilled by the Chinese Communist Party, deprived of knowledge about their heritage and culture," the US State Department said in a statement and called for “the Chinese Communist Party to stop erasing the cultural and religious identities of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities”.

In East Turkestan, which China has dominated since 1949, it continues to build camps surrounded by high walls. According to data obtained from satellite images, the concentration camps in which hundreds of thousands of Uighur Turks are held have grown exactly 3 times in the last year.

According to a United Nations statement, about 1 million Muslim Uighur Turks are being held in concentration camps, which China has touted to the world as a 'training center'. Beijing denies accusations that it has rounded up Muslim Uighur Turks in camps. Instead, Beijing is touting these structures built throughout East Turkestan as "training centers", "rehabilitation centers" or "vocational training centers" to the world.

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