İrem GÖL -TDO- The lawsuit against the US President Donald Trump has alleged the President for violating the 'emoluments' clause. The clause bans the President from accepting gifts or payments from foreign governments without congressional consent. The plaintiffs are referring to the visits of the diplomatic representatives from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain that have booked rooms and event at the Trump International Hotel since Trump started to serve as the President of the US.

The Fourth Circuit of Appeals rejected President Trump's appeal to dismiss the claims by the state of Maryland and the city of Washington, DC alleging violations of the constitutional anti-corruption provisions. Judge Motz wrote: "A petitioner must establish a clear and indisputable right to the relief sought for a writ of mandamus to issue, and the President has not done so." One of the lawyers of the President, Jay Sekulow, stated that they did not agree with the decision of the court, and they would take the decision to the Supreme Court.

The Trump International Hotel opened shortly before the election of the President. The hotel is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, in a very close position to the White House. The plaintiffs are investigating the business records of the hotel and the expenses records of lower-level government officials.

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