The people have protested against the flow of refugees which has gradually become more unmanageable. With immigrants taking up residence in the northern port of Calais, from which they hope to illegally travel to Britain, local people took to the streets.
Thousands of residents of Calais who held a rally against the issue of refugees have demanded that the refugee camp, which they claim causes a breach of national security, should be relocated elsewhere within the country. Protestors claimed that illegal immigrants from war torn countries being housed in Calais harms tourism and causes great damage to the local economy.
Having held a rally for the relocation of the refugee camp in Calais, protestors also expressed their support with applause for the security forces in their campaign against refugees.
Recently, a group of 50 immigrants had escaped from the refugee camp in Calais and were caught while trying to cross the English Channel into Britain illegally on a ferry. 24 of the refugees were arrested by the police for resisting, as they did not want to go back to the Calais camp.
In August 2015, Britain and France had signed an agreement providing budgetary increases and policing cooperation between the two countries to solve the issue of illegal immigration
By Mete Ersöz

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