Mustafa AY – TDO – 28.02.2018 On Sunday, Iranian military Chief of Staff Mohammed Bagheri stated that Asad regime forces were preparing for the offensive against Eastern Ghouta, which the opposition forces –Jaysh al-Islam- has been retaining for a while. Bagheri’s official statements, which were released one day after the vote, were regarded as the testimony of that the alliance –Russia,Iran,Asad regime- were unwilling to comply with the resolution.

Russia, as a permanent member of UNSC, didn’t thwart the ceasefire proposal introduced by Kuwait and Sweden –temporary members of UNSC-. However, we observed a very painful process before the vote for the ceasefire resolution on Satuday. UNSC witnessed an unremitting confrontation amongst Russia and USA that led the postponement of UNSC session for the ceasefire resolution. As a result of the postponement, over 500 civilians including in children, elderlies, women and men were massacred by the bombardment of Asad forces.

In the wake of short-lasting postponement caused by Russia and USA, Russia convinced to reach the unanimity with UNSC council members for the resolution. Russia’s decision resulted in backup for the voting because Russia persuaded its allies (Iran-Asad) about the conditions of the ceasefire, many people considered so. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made official remarks accusing Jaysh al-Islam forces in Eastern Ghouta of contravening 30-day long truce by organizing assail against Asad forces. Besides this accusation, Lavrov also accused opposition forces of not allowing the injured civilians to leave the suburb for the medical treatment. Through these accusations, Lavrov exhibited their intentions to legitimize Asad regime’s prospective violation of the ceasefire resolution by assaulting Eastern Ghouta on the international political arena. Following these claims, Lavrov warned Jaysh al-Islam to comply with UNSC ‘resolution 2401’ as if opposition forces did not obey the terms of truce. Lavrov said all those words in a joint conference with his French counterpart Le Drian. After Lavrov, Le Drian also warned the opposition forces to adhere to the truce.    

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