Mustafa AY – TDO – 21.12.2017 USA’s envoy to UN Nikki Haley released a threatening message to the UN countries by addressing “with me or against me” as in Bush’s speech on declaration of war on terrorism in 2001, which caused a complete fiasco since it costed millions of civilians in Middle East later(!). In the letter Nikki Haley sent, the main objective she wanted to point out is to literally give a chance to those who are against Trump’s official recognition of Jerusalem as capital city of Israel. Haley underscored the letter because the opposite actions by UN members against Trump’s movement for Israel will be taken ‘personal’ by Trump himself. This means that from this moment on, USA is not USA we know. USA’s been considered as the stronghold of Democracy, but with this letter it seems that USA gradually turning into the tyranny on foreign affairs.

On Wednesday, Nikki Haley pinpointed that Trump is clear concerning Jerusalem matter. That’s why, Haley asked UN member countries to vote carefully in Thursday’s emergency session vote, which will assist to determine the fate of Jerusalem, but not thoroughly. USA was always trying to settle Israel-Palestine conflict. Specifically, ex-President Barack Obama’s approach to this annoying matter was more promising than today. He tried to resolve the aggravating matter with an impartial and sympathizing stance. Even the last days in his office, he indicated his quality of leadership through abstention vote in UN Security Council’s vote, which aimed at condemning Israeli settlement moves in West Bank and some parts of Jerusalem since it was illegal. Trump administration walks on a dark way which is avoided by others. That’s why, USA would be isolated by international community, if they ignore Trump’s threatening message. 

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