Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The unofficial results of early general elections in Spain were announced. According to unofficial results, the Socialist Workers Party, led by current Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, won the poll with 29 percent.

The Socialist Labor Party, which succeeded in winning 123 seats in parliament, failed to win a majority in parliament. For this reason, a coalition partner will be needed to establish the government. Local experts say Sanchez should get the support of political parties from the autonomous regions, or agree with the right-wing parties.

The People's Party, which won the first place since 2008, will be represented by 62 deputies in parliament. Before the elections, it was thought that the People's Party could take part in the coalition. However, with the decline in the votes of the People's Party, this possibility has disappeared.

The extreme right-wing Vox party entered the Spanish Parliament for the first time with about 10 per cent of the votes it received, and will be represented with 24 deputies at the parliament.

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