News Centre –TDO- On May 21, 2018, the Polish Embassy opened a painting exhibition entitled "UNESCO World Heritage Site Poland" at the National Library Presidency Exhibition Hall.

Poland has fourteen out of about a thousand locations in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Poland, which hosts centuries-old buildings, the historic centers of Krakow and Torun, is also proud of Warsaw's Old City. The Polish capital has influenced UNESCO experts with unprecedented reconstruction work in the history of mankind. The medieval castle in Malbork, the largest brick building in the world, is also entitled to enter this prestigious list. Poland is witnessing the religious spaces and intertwined arts of old masters while attracting people with its extraordinary open spaces, gardens, wooden churches and wooden Orthodox churches called Tserkva. The country is proud of Centennial Hall, an important architectural work in Wrodaw. The Biatowieza Forest is a forest complex that has never been seen in Europe. Auschwitz Birkenau (1940-1945), the Nazi camp of Collecting and Destruction, has a unique place in the list with its terrifying remembrances that will not come out of wisdom.

The exhibition can be seen until 1 June 2018.

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