Mustafa AY – TDO – 30.12.2017 Since official announcement of the Day of Rage by Palestinian leaders, which resulted from Trump administration’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, Israel have steadily been confronting with the outrageous Palestinian crowd on the streets. Increasing conflict in Gaza proved the presidential declaration for Jerusalem status to be President Trump’s undoing. As he underlined why he declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city, all his policies was supposed to be aimed at facilitating peace and flowingly fostering the affairs amidst Palestine and Israel, which is unlikely to be accomplished in Palestine as of today.

The Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip released the information that IDF soldiers gave serious physical damage to Palestinians and the number of injured Palestinians reached its peak at last months. Almost 100 Palestinians got injured in the confrontation with IDF, which presumed to be weekly figure. Over 30 Palestinians were immediately taken to hospital for their injuries stemming from IDF’s military bullets, but 2 Palestinians’ health condition was informed to be seriously heavy. The remaining number of injured people in Gaza Strip were affected by tear gas.

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