One meets people of African origin everywhere around the world from Canada to Norway, China to Monaco. After thousands of years of exploitation and enslavement, their economic exploitation continues in 2015, despite belonging to different faiths and nationalities and living in countries with a supposedly democratic structure. While there are famous politicians, artists and athletes of African origin, others can still be shot and killed with impunity. For every Ray Charles, Barack Obama and Carl Lewis, there are many others who are discriminated against and even killed for their skin colour.Gabon is one of the countries which has come under Western attack and destruction. Gabon became independent in August 1960 and has been a sovereign country ever since. The 268 thousand square kilometres of territory held by the Republic of Gabon has a small population of 1.5 million. As in many African and Asian countries, the native population of Gabon has been enslaved and massacred by Western colonisers for centuries. The remaining population has bequeathed a large territory with land which is very difficult to work. Despite its underground and natural resources, the Republic of Gabon has not had much luck in avoiding serious economic crisis. The main reason are the new exploitative firms which claim to manage the resources of the country efficiently. The arms backed colonial administrations of the French, the British, the Dutch and the Portuguese has after centuries given way to corporations. There are firms active within the Gabonese economy to day which supposedly help the country and hold a monopoly over its development.Ali Bongo Ondimba, a Muslim politician in a majority Catholic country may be a great chance for Gabon. Having made sacrifices for his country’s development, Ondimba will run as incumbent against contenders for the presidency in 2016.Under the circumstances, it is unavoidable for the pressure on Ondimba to increase. In the economic crisis stricken country, pressure on politicians by Western firms is expected. Such a situation may lend an advantage to countries from the Far East and Turkey, which are beginning to intensify their investments in Africa. However, the choice of new partners and the steps to be taken to be rid of foreign exploitation may bring great risks for countries such as Gabon.The steps to be taken to become a fully independent and free country may lead to bloody consequences. 2015 will be a year in which the successes and failures of countries like Gabon, which are trying to shake off exploitation, will become apparent. Under unending exploitation, on one side of the scale are colonising Westerners while on the other are leaders who may be forced to choose between the welfare of their people and their lives.

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